Learn Koine Greek Alphabet

The logical place to start when learning any language is its alphabet! Dr. Story introduces the Greek alphabet in this video lesson. Like all of the Greek To Me™ video lessons, this video coincides with the content of the Greek To Me™ textbook (free with enrollment!).

Why Study Biblical Greek?

Studying Biblical Greek provides you with the privilege of being able to read and translate the New Testament of the Bible in its original language. This skill provides a closeness to the actual text of the word of God. Co-creator Dr. Story explains this and more in this short video.

Greek Memory System

Greek To Me™ is unlike any other Biblical Greek curriculum. Our system, using a mnemonic approach, guarantees long-term retention of Biblical Greek concepts and vocabulary. This video explains our approach and why Greek To Me™ is the premier choice.

Learning Roadmap

We are here to partner with you and provide you with all the tools to best succeed in learning and retaining Biblical Greek. Dr. Story shares some tips from his 40 years of teaching on how best to approach learning Biblical Greek with the Greek To Me™ system.

Pronunciation Practice

Now that the alphabet is under your belt, it’s time to practice pronouncing Biblical Greek words. Dr. Story helps you practice the correct pronunciation of each word from John 1:1-5.

Continue Your Biblical Greek Learning Journey

Now that you have gotten a taste of what Greek to Me has to offer, are you ready to continue your Biblical Greek learning journey?

Learning Biblical Greek is a big time and mental commitment. Greek to Me works to make the journey easy, but it can still feel like a large undertaking. Our step-by-step approach works to build up your knowledge and confidence so that before you know it, you are translating whole passages!

A similar course at a master’s level institution would cost over $3,000; but with Greek to Me, you can get lifetime access for only $209!

This allows you to go at your own pace and learn in a style that suits you and your needs.