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Greek To Me offers comprehensive online courses which utilize a unique mnemonic approach through video, text, and mobile mediums to help students confidently learn and master Biblical (Koine) Greek.

Our 100% unique approach has been practiced in worldwide seminaries for over 40 years and counting. Learning Biblical Greek gives you a more intimate knowledge of the Bible in its original form.

Now you don’t have to rely on translations; you can read directly from the original source. With our simple formatting, people at any level of proficiency can learn “bible Greek” online and heighten their knowledge.

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Reach your enlightenment at your own flow. With yearly or lifetime access to all our courses, you can harmonize your faith with your lifestyle.

Study biblical Greek online from your laptop, phone, or tablet from the comfort of your safe space. Our website and mobile app are waiting to be launched anytime, anywhere, so you can become the captain of your education and manage your retention pace.

Life can get hectic—that’s why Greek to Me allows you to space out your courses throughout the semester. Less chaos, more time to take the plunge into spiritual growth.

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Biblical Greek Online Courses

Our three assimilative courses offer seminary-level instruction by connecting you with the means to transform your life by deepening your knowledge of God. Each critical program is rich with faith and history, teaching the foundations of the New Testament, Septuagint, and other New Testament-era texts.

Achieving fluency in a new language has become simpler than ever with engaging lessons and Koine Greek translations from comprehensive experts. Our instructors have prosperous years of experience and a wide breadth of Greek knowledge to aid you in your understanding of God’s Word. Pick up a new craft by studying under teachers who devote their lives to the metaphysical art of Biblical Greek translation.

Each specialized faith program is constructed to appeal to various learning styles to help you realize your higher self.  That’s why these biblical Greek classes have proven effective for thousands of students—both in classrooms and online!

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  • Memorable Visualizations (Mnemonics)
  • Building Block Approach to Learning
  • Passionate Teachers With Years of Experience
  • Effectively Used in Seminaries for Over 40 Years


  • 2 semesters of seminary-level biblical Greek
  • Greek to Me Textbook
  • 600+ flashcards
  • 100+ video lessons
  • 300+ practice problems
  • Online quizzes

  • Advanced Biblical Greek
  • Full Exegesis of 1 John
  • 20+ additional video lessons

  • English Based Course
  • Unpack Scripture Like Never Before
  • 6 additional video lessons
  • No prerequisites required

Simple and

  • One site. One price.
  • Study at your own pace
  • Access everything digitally
  • Study vocabulary on the go with our Mobile App
  • Multiple learning styles - visual, auditory, hands-on, etc.

See What Our Students Have Said

Older man learning bliblical greek on his laptop

“The Lord has used your class in the most unusual manner in my life. The last thing I anticipated when I watched the lectures was to be convicted of my sin and the need to repent immediately. I did so, which initiated a period of sobriety after 26 years of living a double life”

-Jonathan S.
Older man taking online courses

“The thought of learning a new language, especially as an older learner, was daunting. But the Greek to Me mnemonic method eased my fears and took me to a new level of biblical understanding I never imagined possible!”

-Ron B.
Older African American man working on his laptop

“I’m 80 and I learned that a way to hold back dementia can be to learn a new language. As I’ve always had an interest in the Bible, I thought why not study the language Jesus used? I looked at other sites and found they were not for me. This course is what I was looking for.”

-Bill T.
African American man working on his laptop

“The Greek to Me approach is unique and highly effective. Students learn to translate long passages of Greek by the 3rd chapter! No other grammar does that.”

-Shawn S
Older man learning bliblical greek on his laptop
Older man taking online courses
Older African American man working on his laptop
African American man working on his laptop

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the mobile app is not included in the online enrollment. However, you can download the app for free which includes the vocabulary flash cards for chapters 1 and 2. If you feel these cards are helpful in your learning progress then you can purchase the full app which includes the flash cards for chapters 3-21 and the irregular verb flash cards.

Dr. Story advises students to purchase the American Bible Societies’ New Testament. Before passing away Dr. Story’s father collaborated on this project.

The Greek To Me course is not a “basics” Biblical Greek class. It is comprehensive!

Other courses teach you “basics” and translations does not occur to well into the course if at all. With the Greek To Me course you will be practicing translation of full sentences and short biblical stories by the end of chapter 3.

Unfortunately the answer is “it depends”. It depends on how much time and focus you put into your studies. As a reminder the course covers 2 full semesters (32 weeks) of seminary level instruction. If you’ve ever taken a 2 semester class in a higher learning environment this will give you an idea of the time required.

For students in Middle School to High School we would recommend the course be spread across two full years.

Yes we do!

Check out this blog post! We surveyed course graduates for their tips & advice for students just beginning their learning journey.

Learning Biblical Greek – Tips & Advice

The Greek To Me textbook is a physical hard copy textbook. We feel the hard copy book provides students with the chance to highlight, take notes and get hands on with the learning process.


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