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Greek To Me's Koine Greek classes are built to make learning Biblical Greek accessible, fun, and enlightening. Our 100% unique mnemonic-based curriculum is proven to maximize students’ cognitive capability. No prior Biblical Greek education is required to begin your trek toward fluency. Greek To Me offers three dynamic biblical greek courses to help students reach their goals:

Course Overview

Biblical Greek 101/201

The Biblical Greek 101/201 course consists of two semesters of seminary-level biblical Greek. In both Koine Greek courses, you will witness our academically-trained teachers in their element, preaching to you God’s scripture through the New Testament and instilling passion with a bible-centered education.

When you take the step to learn how to translate Greek through our online biblical Greek classes, you open the door to endless possibilities—blessing you with the vocabulary to communicate the scripture to non-native English speakers.

Upon enrolling in this Koine Greek course, you will receive:

  • Greek To Me Textbook (Ships within 48 hours)
  • 100+ video lessons
  • 600+ flashcards via the mobile app
    (of the most common Biblical Greek words)
  • Online quizzes
  • 300+ translation exercises
  • Downloadable transcript documenting course progress
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What will you learn in this course?

  • Begin with the Biblical Greek alphabet
  • Build proficient understanding of all Biblical Greek parts of speech
  • Complete grammar and vocabulary quizzes at the end of each lesson
  • Use word study lessons to explore how a single words can impact the scripture interpretation
  • Read and translate Biblical Greek scriptures with flying colors upon course completion
20+ additional
video lessons
Representation of online video tutorials

Biblical Greek 301

After Successful completion of Biblical Greek 101/201, you can further your Greek Biblical understanding with the Biblical Greek 301 course. This Koine Greek course goes beyond the basics and extensively studies the Biblical Greek language.

By becoming educated in the meticulous practice of scripture translation, you will effectively bring justice to a text and elevate its message. You will harness a tighter grasp of the Greek alphabet and clarify the Bible’s more complicated diction. These lessons are ideal for intermediate to advanced translators.

What can you anticipate from this Course?

As you continue learning New Testament Greek online, you will dive deeper into the Bible and fully comprehend how to exegete Biblical Greek scripture. These intensive lessons include:

  • Understanding what precisely “exegesis” is and how it’s done
  • And completing a word-by-word exegetical translation of I John

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The Inductive Bible Study Method

Think of this New Testament Greek course as an “elective” course option to further enhance your Biblical study tool kit. In this class, you’ll learn the Inductive Bible Study Method. This will help you dissect the critical components of any scripture to understand its meaning better.

Unlike our other biblical greek online course offerings, the Inductive Bible Study Method is an English-based course that allows you to unpack scripture like never before. Through rigorous observation and interpretations, you will absorb the Bible’s true meaning, connect its word to personal and real-world situations, and find the truth in a society of false philosophies.

When you enroll in this
course, you will receive:
6 video
Explore Scripture Deeper Than Ever
Greek To Me
Explained In
2 Minutes
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Greek To Me
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Biblical Greek?
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Enrollment Options

After enrolling in our online Biblical Greek classes, you will be granted access to all of the online courses we have available. Our plans are tailored to align with your personal goals, so choose which enrollment option is suitable for your academic and spiritual development!

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