Course Catalog


Biblical Greek I & II

Biblical Greek I & II is the core course in the Greek To Me program. It is the starting point for your learning journey.  The course is equivalent to a 2 semester course at the seminary level. Here is the course overview & objectives:

  • 24 lessons which parallel the Greek To Me textbook
  • Builds a proficient understanding of Koine Greek grammar and vocabulary
  • Begins with the Koine Greek Alphabet. Each lesson then builds on one another up and through advanced grammar concepts.
  • Grammar and vocabulary multiple choice quizzes at the completion of each lesson
  • 600+ vocabulary words memorized
  • 48 word study videos. The word study videos take an in depth look at a single word and covers its uses and nuances in the original Greek New Testament.

Upon completion of Biblical Greek I & II students will be confident in their ability to read and translate large sections of the Greek New Testament.

Biblical Greek III

Biblical Greek III is the advanced application course which builds upon the knowledge gained in Biblical Greek I & II. The focus of Biblical Greek III is the skill of exegesis. Here is the course overview and objectives:

  • Understanding exactly what is “exegesis”
  • Developing a strategy for translating all of the original Greek New Testament
  • Step by step translation of the entire New Testament book of I John
  • Further application of grammar and vocabulary concepts from Biblical Greek I & II

Students upon completing this course will increase their mastery of Koine Greek grammar concepts. Students will be able to confidently approach the translation of any Greek New Testament verses.