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About Greek To MeTM

The Greek To Me Learning system has been used by students and educators for over 40 years. Its unique mnemonic approach to learning is scientifically proven to help students learn faster and retain the information longer.

Created by J. Lyle Story and his father Cullen I.K. Story who combine for 80+ years of post-graduate seminary instruction. Greek To Me  was inspired by their own journey as educators who were relying on dated rote memorization curriculums. Tired of sub-standard curriculums, the Story’s embarked on creating what is now the Greek To Me learning system.

Memory experts (learning theorists and popular teachers) advocate the use of mnemonic devices (substitute words) for learning facts, foreign languages, items, lists, etc. Throughout the Greek To Me learning system., students discover substitute words to aid in the mastery of the entire Greek grammar and basic vocabulary.

The practices and assignments use each word at least 5 times. Not only are individual words and endings learned by substitute words but the entire grammar incorporates the time-tested memory techniques. Virtually every new concept (case, tense, participles, etc.) has its own mnemonic device.

The approach has been tried and tested with thousands of students and the response has been well worth the effort. People will find that their further work in biblical, theological and church history studies, and teaching/preaching preparation will be enhanced by a solid foundation in Greek grammar.

About The Creator

35+ years as Professor of Biblical Languages and New Testament in the School of Divinity of Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA.

Greek To Me

I experienced the leading of the Lord’s Spirit when I was invited to come to Regent University and teach in 1984. It has been a great experience to be part of the community of faith and to be vitally involved in the preparation of men and women for the various ministries to which they are called. I see myself as a servant who helps others fulfill and realize the call and the gifts of God. My passion continues to be the teaching of students; I enjoy seeing the transformation that occurs within students in and out of the classroom.

I enjoy motivating and encouraging students to learn both the grammar and vocabulary of Biblical Greek, which will mean a greater understanding of the Word of God in personal life, teaching and preaching experiences. The over-riding purpose of the system is to help people understand and faithfully interpret the timeless message of Scripture for their generation. I invite you to this adventure.

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