Greek To Me Textbook $49.99

Greek To Me Textbook

The top-grade biblical greek textbook choice for Greek intellectuals.  Get your hands on our 2nd edition new textbook to digest 300+ stimulating practice problems, answer keys, and insightful explanations.  As your Bible-intensive Greek dictionary, it is just one of the many educative instruments we provide students upon class enrollment.  If you’re already part of the Greek to Me family, you are not required to purchase a second copy.

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Greek To Me Mobile App Free

Greek To Me Mobile App

Thousands of Greek translations, all at your fingertips. Travel back to 50 to 100 AD to read astonishing scholar-written scriptures on our Greek study app. Gain entry to a flood of information, including 600+ essential Biblical Greek vocabulary and a library of Bible chapters (Chapters 1 & 2 are free)! Not to mention, an in-app abundance of exclusive purchasable content that can’t be found in our classes. Download the Koine Greek app at no cost and discover another one of our many means of New Testament learning.


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Greek to Me is your primary resource for your Biblical Greek breakthrough.  Transform into an expert translator by joining a close-knit community of thousands of educators, students, and spiritual people who care about bringing God’s message to light.  Enroll now and reach your faith goals by studying biblical Greek for beginners. 

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