If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve decided to embark on the path toward Biblical Greek mastery. Let’s face it: learning any new language is a long and challenging road—especially when it’s a historically rich, ancient text immersed in puzzling vocabulary and grammar. However, with the proper guidance and approach, you can become a trustworthy source of spiritual wisdom and preach God’s scripture from His word itself.

With Greek To Me, learning Koine Greek doesn’t have to take a prophet to part the seas of translation. Here are three reasons why Greek To Me is the ultimate resource for reading the Bible’s original truth; easy as A, B, C.

Mnemonic Learning System

A mnemonic device is a learning technique that helps the brain effectively retain information. It is a scientifically proven approach that aids in memorizing names, dates, facts, and figures in a simple, rhythmic acronym or sentence. Shortening large chunks of data into random or even nonsensical strings of letters or words like “Roy G. Biv” (the rainbow’s seven colors) helps the brain absorb information quickly and successfully.

Mnemonics’ triumphs date back to 1967 when Gerald R. Miller tested the effectiveness of mnemonic devices on a group of freshmen high school student’s academic performance. The evaluation concluded that this practice boosted test scores by 77%! Since then, mnemonics has become a tried and true method in studies worldwide.

Greek To Me prides itself on its comprehensive Mnemonic learning system, emphasizing scientific evidence over surface-level instruction. Our experienced teachers understand the mental demand for Biblical Greek translation, projecting complicated concepts with refined, simplistic solutions—like our Greek To Me Textbook, which holds 300+ practice problems, answer keys, and insightful explanations. Greek To Me’s mnemonic-based learning compresses large passages to highlight the main message and trains the brain to not only hold important information but understand it too.  

Online Biblical Greek Classes

Greek To Me’s course catalog embraces modernity with its easily accessible online Biblical Greek classes. In a digitalizing society, technology has become an essential learning tool in the American education system—transforming generations with interactive, user-friendly, and stimulating discipline in and out of the classroom. Whether you’re looking to learn the Greek Bible on your computer, phone, or tablet, Greek To Me provides intelligent programs and a Greek study app that activates the attention span just as competently as in-person teaching.

Passionate Instruction

Faith is a core value in understanding Biblical Greek text, arguably even more important than academic drive. When you are genuinely interested and believe in a particular subject, you can retain complex information at an exponentially faster pace and deeper understanding. That’s why Greek To Me’s premier instructor, Dr. Story, is trained in God’s Word and passionate about teaching it—transferring his love for God to others and doing the same tomorrow.

Learn With New Testament Greek Courses Online

Greek To Me’s mission is to reveal the truth in God’s teachings. We decipher its source material, the Koine Greek Bible, to share His story with complete precision. Though learning Koine Greek can be challenging, we dedicate our minds and faith to reaching as many people as possible. Because teaching Biblical Greek is not just our profession; it’s our vocation.

Now that you’ve taken the first step to translate the Greek Bible, it’s time to plunge into all of the complexities of God’s Word. Need to start with the Greek Alphabet? Already seasoned in Koine Greek? Sign up for our beginner, intermediate, and advanced New Testament Greek courses online.

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