Looking for a way to study the Greek Bible online, freely without distractions?  The inductive bible study method is the perfect way to read God’s word in its original form without being clouded by other translators’ opinions, commentary, and analysis.


Inductive Bible Study Method Definition

The inductive bible study method is a comprehensive, investigative approach that allows readers to study biblical Greek scripture separately from translation.  They then translate the text and apply it to real-life events—closing the study with their own unique conclusions.  This method connects biblical Greek scripture to the reader’s personal experiences to create a relatable, memorable practice.  As the translator studies the intended historical concepts, the meanings are illustrated in a modern scenario to deepen his understanding.

How To Perform the Inductive Bible Study Method with the Bible Greek Dictionary

Studying the bible Greek dictionary can be a simple practice when involved in the three core steps: 

  1. Observation: What does the text say?
  2. Interpretation: What does the text mean?
  3. Application: What does the text mean to me?

Together, the reader not only can translate the text but is put in the perspective of God, gaining spiritual insight into modern-day experiences (and strengthening his bond with God, too!)

Step One: Observation

Get ready to break out the highlighters; because it’s observation time!  In this stage, you will identify the surface-level text by examining general elements.  You are strictly emphasizing what the text is trying to tell you without deducing the deeper spiritual meaning.  

After you have taken notes, you can break down the 5 W’s and H to solidify the information you have collected:

  • Who: Who is the speaker?  Who are the characters involved?
  • What: What is the plot and overall theme?  What is the tone?  What is the message the speaker is trying to convey?
  • Where: Where are the events taking place?  Where are the characters going?
  • When: When did the events occur?  When will future events take place?  When was the text written?
  • Why: Why has a character or event been mentioned?  Why was an illustration depicted?
  • How: How will the events play out?  How are they explained?
Likewise, you should keep an eye out for the following occurrences:
  • Repeating words and themes
  • Key themes
  • Transition words, phrases, and grammatical choices
  • Lists
  • Comparisons, contrasts, and commands

Step Two: Interpretation

After extracting relevant information, you must decipher the meaning based on how it relates to the story.  Since the Greek Bible was originally written in Koine Greek, not English, it is crucial to read slowly to absorb what God is trying to convey during this stage.  Feel free to read through the scripture as many times as comfortably possible to retain the literal meaning.

During this process, you will need to take several courses of action in order to completely interpret the text, without interjecting your own opinions and input.

  1. Recognize the historical and cultural setting.
  2. Assess the context.
  3. Interpret literal meanings of the words, with help from a greek dictionary for bible study.
  4. Identify cross references.
  5. Note the meanings of symbols or phrases that don’t agree with literal interpretations.

Step Three: Application

This is the inductive bible study method's final (and arguably the most important) stage.  Now that you have effectively translated the text and its meanings, you can apply these lessons to your life!  This process as a whole is incredibly indicative of God's impact on every one of our lives—where his Word guides us through life’s many turbulences.

Before you take life by the horns, here are a few questions to consider:

  • Is there a sin to confess?
  • Is there a mindset to improve?
  • Is there a promise to maintain?
  • Is there a command to obey?
  • Is there a new reason to praise God?
  • Is there a prayer to pray?

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