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The Greek To MeTM Online Courses

Once enrolled students will gain access to all of the Greek To Me courses. Currently, Greek To Me offers two separate Biblical Greek courses. They are Biblical Greek I & II and Biblical Greek III

Created by Dr. J Lyle Story, the Greek To Me courses mirror the same curriculum taught in seminaries for over 40 years. We guarantee upon completion of the Greek To Me courses you will confidently be able to read and translate Biblical Greek.

Greek To Me

  • Mnemonic imagery is used throughout the Greek To Me learning system which has been established by educational research as one of the best instructional methods for learning.
  • Avoids rote memorization and makes learning fun and easier to retain.
  • Greek To Me uses a simple step-by-step, building block approach to learning in which each new concept expands upon the previous lesson.
  • For 40 years Greek To Me has not only been used in seminary classrooms with great success, but has also proven to be very successful with distance learning students.


Greek To Me

Biblical Greek I & II
  • Begins with Biblical Greek Alphabet
  • Builds proficient understanding of all Biblical Greek parts of speech
  • Grammar & Vocabulary Quizzes at the end of each lesson
  • Memorization of the 600 most common Biblical Greek words
  • Word Study lessons explore single words impact on scriptures
  • Successfully read & translate Biblical Greek scriptures upon course completion
Biblical Greek III
  • Builds upon Biblical Greek I & II course
  • Understand exactly what “exegesis” is and how it is done
  • Word by Word translation of the NT book of I John
Greek To Me

  • Video Lessons. Textbook. Quizzes. Answer Keys. Everything You Need – One Site. One Price.
  • Greek To Me is a completely flexible system that allows you to learn at your own pace.
  • Access the materials 24/7/365 to fit your schedule
  • The mobile app puts the vocabulary flashcards in your pocket to study on-the-go!(not included with membership)
  • Review video lessons continually to refresh your knowledge


Greek To Me offers two payment options based on students expected learning speed. Greek To Me is committed to offering this content at a great value to all who desire to learn. A similar courses at a master’s level institution would cost $3,000+!

Yearly Enrollment
$109 Per Year
Pay as you go. One Year At A Time. Free Textbook included with Enrollment
Lifetime Enrollment
$179 one-time payment
Gain access for life using this one time payment option. FREE textbook is included.
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We are confident The Greek To Me online course contains all the tools for you to learn Biblical Greek online. Enroll Today!

Why Learn Biblical Greek?

Time is our most valuable resource in life. So why dedicate yourself to the pursuit of learning Biblical Greek? Creator J. Lyle Story shares why the rewards far exceed the time investment.

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