Learning Biblical Greek is a challenge in and of itself, but there are a variety of ways you can make the challenge easier and further enhance your knowledge of the Biblical Greek language. At Greek to Me, we help individuals who want to take a New Testament Greek course and learn Koine Greek. This list is meant to assist you in your journey and help you grow closer to God. 

How to Enhance Your Biblical Greek for Beginners

Learning any new language can be challenging. Learning Biblical Greek—a language that we are far removed from and barely resembles modern-day Greek—is guaranteed to be a challenge. Just like learning every language, you need to remember why you are doing it in the first place. This ensures you have a motivator that helps you during times when your motivation is lacking. Biblical Greek is the original language through which we receive God’s teachings. Understanding it will help us to grow closer to Him spiritually. To enhance your Biblical Greek understanding, it is necessary to find a community, learn through doing, utilize mnemonic devices, learn every day, and be kind to yourself. If you take these steps, you will grow deeper in your spiritual knowledge and closer to God. 

Find a Community

Learning a new language is easier when you have others who are learning with you. Try to find a community of individuals who are also taking a New Testament Greek course or who would take the course with you. You will have other people who can motivate you during hard times, and you will also have individuals you can practice with and talk to. 

Learn Through Doing

The ultimate goal of learning Biblical Greek is to be able to read and understand Biblical teachings. Once you have a basic understanding of Koine Greek, start testing your knowledge. Perform New Testament translations, read a passage, or try translating the English version to Greek. These methods will help you learn the language by working with it as you intend. 

Utilize Mnemonic Devices

Biblical Greek is an entirely different language than English, it has many sounds and rules that we do not understand. If you struggle with memorizing Biblical Greek words, try using mnemonic devices. It has been proven that mnemonic devices allow your brain to memorize information more easily and store it for long-term use. 

Learn a Little Everyday

Practice makes perfect and learning Koine Greek takes a lot of practice. Our brains are very elastic and can quickly change and take in new information; however, they can also lose that information quickly. Just like a muscle you want to build, you need to practice every day to improve. Stopping and starting repeatedly can be detrimental to your learning journey. Long-term persistence will do more than short-term studies. 

Be Kind to Yourself

Taking a Koine Greek online course can make you feel defeated. It is important that you be kind to yourself throughout this journey. If you are struggling, reach out for help. If you feel behind, remember that everyone learns at their own pace. The ultimate goal of learning Biblical Greek is to grow closer to God. Your dedication to deepen your understanding of the New Testament in this way is a commendable step forward in faith. Any progress you make is worth it in the long run. 

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